Upcoming Events

October 18 - Movie Night

October 30 - Coffee Concerts

November 7 - Picture Day

December 16, 17 - Winter Concerts

March 4, 5 - District Concerts

March 11 - Concert Under the Stars (tentative)

May 11, 18 - Spring Concerts

(Updated 9/11/19)



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School Info

Kurt Gray, Director

Apryl Garcia, Asst.

Mesa Verde Middle School
14000 Peach Hill Rd.
Moorpark, CA 93021
(805)378-6309 x275            fax. (805)531-6620

Weekly Schedule


8:00-9:00 Jazz A

9:00-9:55 Wind Sym.

10:00-10:52 Chamber Str.

10:57:11:49 String Orch.


12:34-1:26 Puma Band

1:31-2:23 Puma Strings

2:28-3:20 Wind Ensemble



8:00-9:00 Jazz B

9:00-9:55 Wind Ensemble

10:00-10:52 Wind Sym.

10:57:11:49 String Orch.


12:34-1:26 Puma Band

1:31-2:23 Chamber Str.

2:28-3:20 Puma Strings



8:00-9:00 Jazz A

9:00-9:55 Puma Strings

10:00-10:52 Wind Ensemble

10:57:11:49 String Orch.


12:34-1:26 Puma Band

1:31-2:23 Wind Sym.

2:28-3:20 Chamber Str.



8:00-9:00 Jazz A  

9:00-9:55 Chamber Str.

10:00-10:52 Puma Strings

10:57:11:49 String Orch.


12:34-1:26 Puma Band

1:31-2:23 Wind Ensemble

2:28-3:20 Wind Symphony



8:30-9:30 Jazz B

9:40-10:30 Wind Sym.

10:35-11:15 Chamber Str.

11:20-12:00 String Orch.


12:50-1:30 Puma Band

1:35-2:15 Puma Str.

2:20-3:00 Wind Ensemble


6th Grade Parent Meeting

New to the program? Welcome!

As we start our first full week of school, Mr. Gray and Mrs. Garcia will be holding a meeting for 6th grade parents on Thursday, August 29, at 6pm in the band room. Learn about the music program at Mesa, what your student will need, and get answers to your questions! (Because we all know how flyers get swallowed in a backpack)

It's also a great opportunity to purchase sweatshirts, sign up to volunteer at events or on the board (we still need a secretary!), or to find out sponsorship information.

Hope you can join us!


Registration Day for the 2019-2020 Year!

Welcome to a new year of music at Mesa Verde! The boosters will have a table at registration on Thursday, August 15 from 9:30am to 1:00pm, and Friday, August 16 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Drop by to get more information on boosters, order sweatshirts, and 6th graders can select their t-shirt sizes!

We are also still on the lookout for a secretary for our board. Please let us know if you are interested!

Be sure to follow our Facebook page for important announcements and reminders!


May 20 Concert Call Times

Wind Ensemble: 5:00p ready to play, seated on stage in MHS PAC

Chamber Strings: 5:20p ready to play, seated on stage in MHS PAC

Puma Strings: 5:50p in MHS Music Room


The concert will start at 6:30, with some pre-concert music from our award winning Jazz A band starting at 6:10.



Cookie Dough IS HERE

Today is finally the day!  

We have everything we need to efficiently and accurately hand out your orders right after school in J-2.

Thank you for your patience and support.