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May 5 Mrpk Day of Jazz

May 12 WHS Jazz Festival

May 21-22 Spring Concerts

May 23 Recruiting Tour



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Kurt Gray, Director

Apryl Garcia, Asst.

Mesa Verde Middle School
14000 Peach Hill Rd.
Moorpark, CA 93021
(805)378-6309 x275            fax. (805)531-6620

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Weekly Schedule


8:00-9:00 Jazz A

9:00-9:55 Puma Str.

10:00-10:52 Wind Ens.

10:57:11:49 Wind Sym.

12:34-1:26 String Orch.

11:54-12:46 Puma Band

1:31-2:23 Chamber Orch.

2:28-3:20 PREP



8:00-9:00 Jazz B

9:00-9:55 PREP

10:00-10:52 Puma Str.

10:57:11:49 Wind Ens.

12:34-1:26 String Orch.

11:54-12:46 Puma Band

1:31-2:23 Wind Sym.

2:28-3:20 Chamber Orch.



8:00-9:00 Jazz A

9:00-9:55 Chamber Orch.

10:00-10:52 PREP

10:57:11:49 Puma Str.

12:34-1:26 String Orch.

11:54-12:46 Puma Band

1:31-2:23 Wind Ens.

2:28-3:20 Wind Sym.



8:00-9:00 Jazz A  

9:00-9:55 Wind Sym.

10:00-10:52 Chamber Orch.

10:57:11:49 PREP

12:34-1:26 String Orch.

11:54-12:46 Puma Band

1:31-2:23 Puma Str.

2:28-3:20 Wind Ens.



8:30-9:30 Jazz B

9:40-10:30 Wind Ens.

10:35-11:15 Wind Sym.

11:20-12:00 Chamber Orch.

12:50-1:30 String Orch.

12:05-12:45 Puma Band

1:35-2:15 PREP

2:20-3:00 A Puma Str.


Winter Concert Date/Venue Change

Winter Concerts are this week!  Here's the final update:

December 11 - MHS Performing Arts Center

Puma Strings, Chamber Strings, Wind Ensemble, Jazz A

Start Time: 6:30pm

Call Times (On Stage, Ready to Play): PS 6:00, CS 5:40, WE 5:20, JA 5:00

Tickets: Available at the door, $10 ages 6+, ages 5 and under free


December 14 - MVMS Multi-Purpose Room

Puma Band, Wind Symphony, String Orchestra, Jazz B, Jazz A

Start Time: 6:30pm (Jazz B at 6:00, Jazz A at 6:15)

Call Times: PB 6:00, WS 5:40, SO 5:20, JA 5:00, JB 4:40

Tickets: Available at the door, $10 ages 6+, ages 5 and under free



Upcoming Fall Dates!

Hello Parents!

All Music Families:

As you know, our annual Coffee Concerts are coming up quickly on Thursday, October 26.  Concerts will be period by period with Chamber Strings (10:00) and String Orchestra (12:00) in the Music Room (F2) and Wind Symphony (9:00), Puma Band (12:30), Puma Strings (1:30), and Wind Ensemble (2:30) in the MPR.  Parents are invited and encouraged to attend!  Student dress for Coffee Concerts is regular concert attire.  Students will *not* have time to change before performances, so will need to come to their class full dressed in concert attire.  All ensembles will wear all black shoes, black socks, black pants/skirt, with various shirt requirements per ensemble:

Chamber Strings/Wind Ensemble: Black button-up oxford shirt with Mesa-provided tie (to be handed out on Monday 10/23)

String Orchestra/Wind Symphony: White button-up oxford shirt with Mesa-provided tie (to be handed out on Monday 10/23)

Puma Strings/Puma Band: Black Mesa Music T-shirt (to be handed out on Monday 10/23)


The next day, we’ll have Music Picture Day, period by period.  Order forms will be sent home today.  Dress requirements are the same as Coffee Concert day.


We are very close to settling on our Winter Concert dates, held up by a very busy schedule at the MHS PAC, where we prefer to have our concerts.  I hope to have solid dates for everyone by the end of this week, so please watch for an email about that.  One thing is for sure - we will not have a concert on the night of the Star Wars: Episode VIII premiere, which is December 14.


All 7th and 8th Grade Families:

Back by popular demand is our Spring Trip, which will take place April 20-21.  We will be holding a non-mandatory Spring Trip Informational Meeting in the Mesa Music Room (F2) at 6:30pm on Thursday October 26.  Our travel company, Music Travel Consultants, will have a representative at the meeting to answer any of your questions regarding logistics any payment.  Anything he can’t answer should be something that I can, so come armed with your questions.

A brief overview of the trip:

We’ll leave school early on Friday the 20th, and head down to Orange County for judged performances.  After the performance, we’ll have dinner at Medieval Times, then go to our hotel near Buena Park.  On Saturday the 21st, kids and chaperons (we’ll need some!) will have most of the day in Knott’s Berry Farm, concluding with an awards ceremony for the previous day’s performances, after which we’ll head back to Moorpark on Saturday night.

Current cost for the trip, which should be locked in by the meeting on 10/26, is about $360 per student, and is all-inclusive.  MTC sets up a payment plan, and will provide additional details at the meeting.  If you cannot attend, all of the information will be available in digital form after the meeting, but if you have specific questions, it’s best to attend.


Wind Ensemble and Chamber Strings:

We will have our 8th Grade Band Night at MHS on Friday November 3!  This is an evening where all 8th grade students (mandatory attendance for 8th graders in both ensembles) will have a chance to play with the MHS Marching Band before and during the evening’s football game, watch their halftime show, and eat pizza with the Chaparral 8th graders and MHS Band.  String families might be surprised to learn that, while we don’t march string instruments, over 30% of the Marching Band plays in a string orchestra during the school day at MHS.  Any 6th and 7th graders in WE/CS are invited but are not required to attend the evening’s events.

Call time is 5:00 pm at the MHS Baseball Field (come through the Band Room, drop off instrument, head down to the field) wearing either their Mesa Music shirts, Mesa Music sweatshirt, or something that says “Mesa Verde” on it.  Release will also be at the MHS Band Room after the game, some time around 10pm.  No students will be permitted to leave from the stadium.  Parents are of course welcome to come to the game.  Especially encouraged is sitting in the Band Parent section.

This is the first of 4 articulation events designed to get both students and parents comfortable with the high school music program, an essential part of the decision making that will come sooner than you might think!


That’s all for now!


Kurt Gray, Director

Apryl Garcia, Assistant Director


Class-Discussed Links

Below are links to a few of the things that have been discussed with various individuals in class.  

Microphone - If you're having issues with Smart Music and microphone setup, you can buy a cheap microphone on Amazon at this link: Clip-On Microphone

Pneumo Pro for Flutes - A few flutists have expressed interest in a tool we've used at school.  Purchasing this is by no means necessary, but can help some flutists gain control over the direction of their air stream: Pneumo Pro


Jazz Audition Music


Below is the downloadable 2017-2018 Jazz audition music.  Sign up for an auditon time in the Music Room.  Time slots will be posted on Tuesday, September 12.

Requirements are as follows:

1.  One major scale of Mr. Gray's choosing: Bb, Eb, Ab, or F

2.  The audition music, provided below.  Practice with the linked accompaniment mp3.

3.  A short sight-reading excerpt to be provided at the time of audition.

Students are encouraged to seek help with the audition music from a private teacher.  Speak with Mr. Lopez, Mrs. Garcia, or Mr. Gray for instrument-specific help.

Winds, Guitar and Piano: All music, plus improvisation if 8th (optional improve if 6/7th)

Drums: Straight throught, with fills where appropriate. 

Alto/Bari Saxophone, mp3 

Tenor Saxophone, mp3 

Trumpet, mp3 

Trombone, mp3 

Piano, mp3 

Bass, mp3 

Drums, mp3 

Guitar, mp3  

This year, the band configuration will depend on how many students audition.  We may run as many as 3 ensembles, grouped by ability, not grade.  Only students prepared with all materials will be considered for the top groups, so be prepared, and ask any questions at least a week before your audition.

Good skill to everyone!

Mr. Gray



Instrument Supplies Links

 Supplies for each instrument can be found on the list below.  You may obtain these through any source available to you, be it, a local music store, or even at Rental Night. Below are clickable links to some accessories, for now and in the future.



  • no required accessories 











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