Upcoming Events

August 15 - Registration Day (9:30am - 1:00pm)

August 16 - Registration Day (1:00pm - 3:00pm)

August 21 - First Day of School

September 5 - Back to School Night

September 12 - Instrument Rental Night

October 11 - 8th Grade Night at MHS

October 30 - Coffee Concerts

October 31 - Picture Day

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School Info

Kurt Gray, Director

Apryl Garcia, Asst.

Mesa Verde Middle School
14000 Peach Hill Rd.
Moorpark, CA 93021
(805)378-6309 x275            fax. (805)531-6620

Weekly Schedule


8:00-9:00 Jazz A

9:00-9:55 Wind Sym.

10:00-10:52 Chamber Str.

10:57:11:49 String Orch.


12:34-1:26 Puma Band

1:31-2:23 Puma Strings

2:28-3:20 Wind Ensemble



8:00-9:00 Jazz B

9:00-9:55 Wind Ensemble

10:00-10:52 Wind Sym.

10:57:11:49 String Orch.


12:34-1:26 Puma Band

1:31-2:23 Chamber Str.

2:28-3:20 Puma Strings



8:00-9:00 Jazz A

9:00-9:55 Puma Strings

10:00-10:52 Wind Ensemble

10:57:11:49 String Orch.


12:34-1:26 Puma Band

1:31-2:23 Wind Sym.

2:28-3:20 Chamber Str.



8:00-9:00 Jazz A  

9:00-9:55 Chamber Str.

10:00-10:52 Puma Strings

10:57:11:49 String Orch.


12:34-1:26 Puma Band

1:31-2:23 Wind Ensemble

2:28-3:20 Wind Symphony



8:30-9:30 Jazz B

9:40-10:30 Wind Sym.

10:35-11:15 Chamber Str.

11:20-12:00 String Orch.


12:50-1:30 Puma Band

1:35-2:15 Puma Str.

2:20-3:00 Wind Ensemble


Instrument Supplies Links

 Supplies for each instrument can be found on the list below.  You may obtain these through any source available to you, be it, a local music store, or even at Rental Night. Below are clickable links to some accessories, for now and in the future.



  • no required accessories 











Kurt Gray


Puma Band/Strings Instrument Selection

Greetings parents, and congratulations!  Your son or daughter’s instrument selection for the year has been finalized.  After being guided through introductions, live demos, and several videos, your son or daughter has come to a decision and met approval with our ensemble goals for balanced instrumentation in the class.

This week, we sent home a sheet with your son/daughter's instrument assignment, and in the case of strings, what size will be appropriate.  Puma Band will get this sheet toward the end of the week.

What to do next…


By far, the best option for most students is to rent an instrument from Nick Rail Music.  Though the initial process is usually not without its bumps, since Nick Rail services most music programs in Ventura County, it’s still the most convenient option, with most rentals being a part of a rent-to-own program.  Confirm the details of the RtO program with Nick Rail.

Simply go to: , select the correct instrument and size (strings), our city and school, and proceed to checkout.  Note that a “Starter Pack” is recommended but not required, and a “Shoulder Rest” is *highly* recommended when selecting accessories.

If you plan on renting, please complete the online form by Friday, September 7 in order to ensure the best chance that your instrument is available for pickup at Instrument Rental Night on September 13, 6pm at the MVMS Music Room.


If you’d rather buy an instrument right off the bat, PLEASE contact me first at, as most brands available on popular sources (Amazon, Guitar Center, etc.) are of low quality and are not a sound financial investment.


If you need to borrow an instrument from school, they will be assigned on a financial need basis.  We do ask for a $50 donation to help offset the cost of maintenance if you borrow an instrument. Please note that our inventory is limited, and we cannot guarantee the correct size, initially.

Private Lessons

Also, please check, and click on “Private Lessons” for information about practicing with an expert on your instrument!


Moorpark Day of Jazz 

Please join us on Saturday May 5, starting at 10:00am as all of Moorpark's Jazz ensembles get together for the 5th annual Moorpark Day of Jazz.  Ensembles from Chaparral, Mesa Verde, Moorpark High, and Moorpark College will be performing right across the street from Mesa Verde at Moorpark Presbyterian Church.

Jazz B has a call time of 10:00am with a performance time of 10:30.  Dress code is regular concert attire.

Jazz A has a call time of 11:00am with a perofmrance time of 11:30.  Dress code is Jazz concert attire.

The doors will be open for the event; come early, stay late, have lunch and jam with the combo.  Donations are accepted at the door. 


SSHS Festival Debrief, TOHS Festival Info

Friday's Santa Susana Festival was a huge success for us!  Both groups performed very well given this stage in our preparation, and are poined for fantastic performances at our last concert festival coming up on Thursday March 22 at Thousand Oaks High School.  Back at Santa Susana, both groups received "Excellent" ratings in performance, "Superior" ratings in sight reading, and were exceptionally responsive and respectful in our clinics.  In addition, several parents and even directors from other schools had wonderful things to say about our students' etiquette in the audience.  Thank you to the chaperons for helping to make the day so great, and to all of you students for doing so well on the day.


Details for 3/22 are as follows:

10:00am - All students report to Music Room

10:15am - Load/Depart MVMS

10:45am - Unload at TOHS

11:15am - Chamber Strings Warmup

11:45am - Chamber Strings Performance

12:15pm - Chamber Strings Clinic

12:45pm - All students @ Lunch

1:45pm - All students in Auditorium

2:30pm - Wind Ensemble Warmup

3:00pm - Wind Ensemble Performance

3:30pm - Wind Ensemble Clinic

4:00pm - Dismissal/Load Bus

4:15pm - Bus Departure


At Dismissal, parents wishing to pick up their kids at 4:00pm are welcome to do so.  Please notify me ASAP if you plan to do this, so we can cancel a 2nd bus on the return trip if we don't need it.  Any remaining students at the time of Bus Departure will be brought back to Mesa Verde by bus.  We should be back home by 4:45pm.


This Week: Wind Ensemble and Chamber Strings

Good morning! 


We've got a busy week this week, so here's your reminder email of the particulars of each performance.


Our District Concerts will feature the top ensembles at Chaparral and Mesa Verde as well as all of the festival-bound ensembles at MHS.  Strings Night will also include the Moorpark Elementary String Orchestra.  We consider this an excellent chance to perform our judged festival sets for parents and family, since the actual festival performances take place during the school day.


March 7 District Band Night, Wind Ensemble only

Attire: Formal Concert Attire 

Call time: 5:30pm in MHS Music Room

Drum Line/Color Guard Showcase: 6:00pm in Small Gym (Parents welcome!)

Tickets: $5 student (non-performing), $10 adult at the door

Performance Start: ~6:30pm in PAC

Release: ~8:30pm in MHS Music Room


March 8 District Strings Night, Chamber Strings only

Attire: Formal Concert Attire 

Call time: 5:30pm in MHS Music Room

Drum Line/Color Guard Showcase: 6:00pm in Small Gym (Parents welcome!)

Tickets: $5 student (non-performing), $10 adult at the door

Performance Start: ~6:30pm in PAC

Release: ~8:30pm in MHS Music Room


SCSBOA Festivals are, academically, the pinnacle of our whole school year.  Much of what students have been taught over the last few years gets put on display, evaluated and rated on a scale from I-V, or “Superior” to “Poor”.  Some festivals also include a clinic with an adjudicator, as well as an also-judged Sight Reading session, where I have 2-3 minutes to prepare them to read a piece of music they’ve never seen before.  It’s a long day, but a fantastic culminating experience for our mostly-8th-grade ensembles.  During non-performing time, each student will observe closely and write about the performances they see using a set of guiding questions.  We still need chaperons, so if you’re free that day please let me know via email, ASAP.


March 9 Santa Susanna HS SCSBOA Festival, Wind Ensemble and Chamber Strings

Attire: Formal Concert Attire

Call Time: 9:00am in MVMS Music Room

Depart by School Bus: 9:20am

Warm Up: 10:15am (CS), 1:15pm (WE)

Perform: 10:45am (CS), 1:45pm (WE)

Clinic: 11:15am (CS), 2:15pm (WE)

Sight Reading: 11:45 (CS), 2:45 (WE)

Dismissal 3:15pm (all students)

Reminder: THERE WILL BE NO RETURN BUS TO MVMS. Pickup will be at SSHS between 3:15pm and 4:00pm.


Thank you, and I hope to see you at least once this week!


Kurt Gray